Hello from Ann Marie! I created this blog and advisory after being in the health and fitness space for over 15 years. I started out as a passionate group fitness instructor and personal trainer, then went on to found my first company SoulBody LLC, a group fitness and subscription based model offering "boutique" style classes to the masses, helping BIG BOX compete with studio concepts.


I have graduate degree in Integrated Design and worked for large companies (prior to my entry into fitness) such as Feld Entertainment (Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Baily) and QVC (On-Air Product Specialist) in brand marketing, writing and product development. Being a group fitness program creator/director and entrepreneur + founder within the group fitness sphere along with my background as a writer, product and brand strategist, I have the dual knowledge of how to elevate a fitness brand with a smart, streamlined, holistic approach.


I am now the Founder of BeWell Advisory (advising in Fitness + Brand Messaging) and creator of BE-the blog.


BeWell Advisory will help you level-up your group fitness/product offer and streamline your brand's message across all media channels.


BE-the blog will give you the latest within the global fitness, health and wellness space. Reporting on the trends, best practices in marketing, sales, programming, innovation, tech and more. At the same time serving up what's trending and creating BUZZ for fitness enthusiasts and health seekers worldwide!

Lots to report on and offer - Let's Collaborate!

Be Well,

Ann Marie

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