Level-Up - Create Community and a Specialized Experience with World Class Group Fitness Offerings

Group Fitness is having a moment. The playing field is high and people expect unique, high quality classes with world class instruction. The "Boutique" Fitness Boom is here and the specialized, one of a kind "experience" is what people want, no matter the price. We will guide you in creating top-tier group fitness programming. We will work with your team on signature programming ideas or easy implementation of new &  innovative group fitness programs that will catapult your club to the next level and help you not only complete within the Group Fitness Space but WIN!

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Create a Story Brand to Connect with your Members - Words Matter

There's a lot of noise in the fitness space. Be simple and strategic in your offer and make your member the focus. Deliver a concise, meaningful message across all marketing channels that creates clarity and connection with your members as well as team - BOTH will then become your brand ambassadors. From paid to earned to owned media - nail your brand message - effectively communicate it and deliver excellence.

We at BeWell will work closely with your team to determine your core offer, what sets you apart and how to properly covey this message in a cohesive and compelling display across all media channels. We will strategize on how to separate yourself from everyone else out there (both within the fitness space  - and outside ) all vying for the same client or member. Be authentic, tell your story, know who you are what your offer and see your community of team and clients not only grow but whole-heartedly back your brand.

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