7 Digital Marketing IDEAS for your Fitness Streaming Business The 101 on Digital Marketing

As gyms and studios are temporarily closing their doors as an immediate response to help “flatten

the curve” and help mitigate the spread of COVID-19, many operators and managers are scrambling to deliver content to their member base who are now self-quarantined AT HOME. They want to still engage and interact with their clients, help them feel a sense of community through movement with the familiar and friendly faces of their favorite instructors and trainers and still interact and engage with their brand.

Many gym brands are quickly uploading their proprietary content to Skype, FaceTime, Zoom, Instagram and Facebook to immediately meet their members with little to no investment. These are all smart options for now, but temporary and limited. We at Endorphinz are seeing the rumblings of a bigger shift and a need for a more permanent solution that can be woven into everyone’s bricks and mortar model. Fitness Streaming is now a necessary component to any fitness organization and will be a failsafe revenue stream for the future.

We are Endorphinz are here to help build your Fitness Streaming Business from start to finish. We will help grow your brand through a digital footprint and enable you to connect and engage with your members ANYTIME - ANYWHERE!

NOW IS THE TIME: Digitally Expand your experience and community today with a successful online fitness brand. Here’s how in 7 Easy Steps:

1. Create a Business Case

We at Endorphinz believe “Your Business Case is the product, not the plan”. We have the expertise and knowledge to help form this important first step. What is your goal, vision and plan for the future? We will help you think through your current fitness offer and help discover how to roll in a digital strategy that will fit into your brand and core values. We will help pare down a plan to make this vital component of your business a reality. Our team will guide you through creative brainstorming steps by asking the right questions. Together we will uncover the solid answers on what your unique offer will be and how to seamlessly merge a digital fitness streaming offer into your company’s current bricks and mortar business model and culture.

2. Resource Allocation + Financials

Get a plan, pull in the necessary resources and have the budget to back it. We are the team to help determine what you can and can’t do with your current resources and help frame-out a 90-day game plan to your digital launch. With our information and processing strategies backed by data, we will help design a finely executed formula from content creation to production and distribution. We will organize the options and costs and help you pick the best “virtual” package for your business and members.

3. Procurement

Our team of experts will help you navigate through the daunting task of choosing the right platform and solution for your unique fitness business. From “End to End” to “Custom” and “API” based solutions, let us take out the tedious work and research and give you a quick tutorial on the pros and cons of each depending on your timing, flexibility, needs and resources. We will thoughtfully recommend which type of solution is right for you based on your existing applications and will quickly help integrate, giving you more time to focus on what’s important, your members.

4. Content Production

We can give you a DIY plan or be your personal “virtual” producer, taking care of everything from content creation to pre and post-production. As most of our club clients prefer filming on-site in their studios, we can also offer and recommend off-site solutions depending on your set-up. Let us guide you through the A-Z of fitness production from preparing your talent, designing the programming and content, organizing an in-house video production team or help with outsourcing a full-service video production company.

5. Store Merchandising

Now that you have the content and platform, we take it one step further and help you package, promote and sell your new virtual product online. Work with us and get a storefront in place and go to market. From pricing to subscription or transaction models we will design the most compelling packages and offers for your members as a value add to help enhance the customer journey and elevate their experience with your brand. We will help with a quick and easy set up with back-end enhancements to not only reach your current members, but exponentially grow your fanbase.

6. Story Media – How to Use Storytelling to Sell Your Brand

Better engage your audience with a genuine story. We will help channel your inner storyteller by giving you the tools and script tips needed to meet your members on a deeper level and help them better understand your vision, brand and offer. With “story media”, you will cut through the clutter of infographics, timelines and numbered lists bombarding your members and prospective client’s inboxes and social media feed, enabling you to capture their attention with a transformative story. We grew up listening to and reading stories, it’s in our DNA to understand better through prose and relate it to our own lives. We will help clarify your message and help gain your customer’s trust and respect by positioning your company as the guide and your member as the hero.

7. Go to Market/Channel Development

A proper “Go To Market” launch requires strategic development across all channels from website to social media, press releases to paid campaigns.

The success of a club’s “live” and “virtual” existence relies heavily upon their social media presence and a clearly messaged website. We will help articulate your brand’s offer across all channels and give you best practices on how to benefit from and ride the wave of the organic reach and when to pull to the trigger on a paid reach. We will engage all the powerful tools available to help automate and streamline your business and better connect with and grow your audience.

Now that you got a quick 101 on Digital Marketing, go out there are start applying these pillars to help grow your fitness streaming business. I along with my team at Endorphinz are here to guide you and provide all the necessary tools to help better build your brand with a digital approach. 

Be Well, Ann Marie

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