A Glance at the Group Fitness Space Globally-First Stop NYC

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

As my background is in Group Fitness, I'm using this comfy, and ever EXPANDING, theme to launch BE-the blog! I started my fitness career over 15 years ago as a Les Mills tribe member, to a Power Pilates & Balanced Body teacher, then on to co-creating my own "boutique", pre-choreographed group fitness programs - SoulBody. I am steeped deep and very passionate about the community and experience working out in packs offers!

I'm noticing how IMPORTANT the group fitness community scene is, not only for boutique studios offering results-driven, unique programs/modalities but for Big Box to breed in order to retain their members and compete with the studio concepts. Yes we know it's all about community but the offerings need to be innovative, smart, science backed and CONSISTENT. Gyms (of all sizes) need to be very clear about their OFFER, once they do their members and instructors will become ambassadors of their brand.

The NYC Line Up- Quick links to discover this burgeoning group fitness scene. Can you say "BOUTIQUE BOOM"? But look closely - a few larger clubs are starting to give the boutiques some competition. Many studios still offer one modality with various class themes within the practice while others offer a hybrid of athletic and functional training with various stations props + equipment (think Orange Theory) with and without the tech.

Barre: Physique 57 - Barre 3 - Pure Barre - The Bar Method - Pop Physique - FlyBarre - Exhale - Pure Yoga (Figure 4 Barre) - Xtend Barre

Cycle: Cyc Fitness (inside David Barton Gym) - Swerve Fitness - SYNC Studio - FlyWheel - Aqua Studio NY (yes the bike's in the pool) - Peloton Cycle (each class recorded and live streamed for the at home crowd) Athem Cycling (Equinox) - SoulCycle - Monster Cycle

Row: Row House - East End Row - Current Fitness - EngineRm - CityRow

Boxing: WTF (WorkTrainFight) - AREOSPACE - SHADOWBOX - Rumble Box + Flow - Title Boxing Club - OverThrow - Women's World of Boxing - Gotham Gym -CKO Kickboxing - Church Street Boxing Gym

Hybrid Strength + Performance/Functional Fitness: Solace - ICE NYC Switch Playground - Tone House - 432 House - Barry's Bootcamp S10 Training - The Dogpound - FHitting Room - NEO U- F45 Refine Method - The Training Lab NYC - 30/60/90 Fitness - CONBODY

AEROSPACE - Ripped Fitness

Reformer: SLT - Solid Core - Club Pilates - Flex Studios

Dance: AKT inMotion - FORWARD_Space - Tracy Anderson At Your Beat - Banana Skirt Productions -

Next stop LONDON - you think NYC has a lot to offer - London now has endless class offerings in both hip gym and studios spaces...stay tuned.

Be Well,

Ann Marie

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