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Updated: Nov 13, 2019

We take a road trip across the pond from NYC to LONDON to explore the Group Fitness scene. Let's check out, not only what the boutiques are offering (product+message+promise), but how gyms and health clubs are strategically positioning themselves (mat to mat) in this THRIVING space. Some Big Box gyms are leveling up offering their own creative signature programming as well as offering third party "programs" that speak to their members such as Les Mills and Zumba.

There are boutiques, studios and gyms of all sizes in London, all with their own unique brand story. What I'm sharing with you are those that, I believe, got it right! There are a few important factors that warrant this spotlight:

  • Smart, Effective, Distinctive, Inclusive & Fun Group Fitness Classes

  • A Clear Message of the Offer

  • Frictionless Sign Up (Easy In/Easy Out)

  • The "EXPERIENCE" and "COMMUNITY" Value Proposition

  • Outside of the classroom offers, ie. workspace, outside events, food + fuel

When browsing, WHO speaks to you? WHAT inspires you? WHERE do you fit in? WHY do you see these classes a vital addition to your current life, sanity and future better self?

PS: Looks like the Hybrid Studios are becoming the preferred go-to. We are all programmed to need certainty but wired to want VARIETY!

NOTE: Even though many of the studios are put into categories below, most offer multiple class variations outside of their category. It's a 360° approach to strength & conditioning and mindful movement. Many have an added "hang-out" space for work, relaxation or just chillin with fellow classmates.


Barrecore - Disco Barre - Xtend Barre - Paola's BodyBarre Method - Define

HYBRID GYMS/BOUTIQUES (in various modalities):


Ten Health & Fitness - Core Collective - Studio One - 3 Tribes - MOVE Another_Space - KXU - Un1t - BXR London - Sweat It - The Fore - F45

The Louisa Drake Method - The Yard (by Third Space) - MOVIN London


City Academy - At Your Beat - Body By Simone - POPfit


The Engine Room - Grow Fitness


Blok - KOBOX - 1 Rebel - FRAME


Digme - Psycle - BoOm Cycle - FirstLight - Soul Cycle


Equinox London - Third Space - DW Fitness First - Virgin Active


BootCamp Pilates UK - Core Kensington


Re:Centre - The Power Yoga Co - LEVELSIX - the Lodge SPACE

Fierce Grace

Next Stop - ASIA! I visited Shanghai this past June with SoulBody for a training at Super Monkey, which is a class-only studio concept with online registration for over 100 classes in a plethora of categories such as Performance, Regeneration, Yoga, Pilates, Dance, Boxing, Barre, Child Development and more. Easy online sign up for classes, key code entry to take class with a "live" instructor with no front desk staff.

Let's see what else is happening in this region. We will do a broader scope but will break down and dig into anything noteworthy!

Be Well,

Ann Marie

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