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Updated: Dec 30, 2020

Hello from Ann Marie! I am thrilled to be a contributor within the fitness and wellness community. I have been in the fitness space for over 15 years, as a co-founder and co-creator of a group fitness brand SoulBody and now as a consultant and advisor sifting through the trends and bringing what's new, innovative, and news-worthy to you.

My promise is to bring you the latest in various aspects of health, fitness and wellness. Reporting not only on the current trends but future forecasts on what's next. From entrepreneurial start-ups to well fueled boutiques to big box, hotel offerings, retreats, corporate concepts, technology, virtual and more, I'll bring you (easily digestible) content and data to get you in the know and on with your day!

According to the Global Wellness Institute, the global health and wellness industry is now worth 4.2 trillion and represents 5.3% of the global economic output.

Lots to report!

Be Well,

Ann Marie

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